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Onionspray is a tool to setup Onion Services for existing public websites, working as a HTTPS rewriting proxy.

Onionspray is a fork of Alec Muffett's EOTK, with many enhancements but retaining compatibility, and relying on C Tor until an alternative in Arti is available.

The result is essentially a "Onion Services in the middle" proxy; you should set them up only for your own sites, or for sites which do not require login credentials of any kind.

Use cases

Onionspray is intended to:

  • Setup Onion Services for existing public websites that are already accessible through the internet, providing an additional protocol layer for accessing them.
  • Protect the user location information to be provided by default, by relying in the Onion Services technology.
  • Protect the website against censorship, by offering a way to access them that is censorship proof as long as both the website and users can access the Tor network.

Non-use cases

Onionspray is not intended to:

  • Setup a "pure" Onion Service website, i.e, it's not meant to setup a website that is only available through the Tor network.
  • Protect the website identity or location, given that Onionspray is a rewriting proxy. Read this note for details.

How it works

Onionspray works by setting up a HTTPS rewriting proxies between existing sites an Tor users connecting through an Onion Service.

graph LR
  C[Client] -- .onion address via Tor Network --> O[Onionspray CDN] -- HTTPS through the Internet --> U[Upstream site]

The proxy is mainly intended to replace regular domain names with their .onion counterparts, offering a seamless experience to users.


  • The installation is non-intrusive and non-disruptive, as there's no need to changing existing website setups: the Onion Services infrastructure can be provisioned in separate systems, apart from where the site is located.

  • It can run anywhere, in a laptop, a single board computer, in servers; as a standalone program, or as a container.

  • Support for load balancing setups, acting as an "Onion Service CDN".

  • No need for administrative privileges to run: Onionspray can be installed and run as a regular user.

  • Can be installed in a variety of systems, from Debian and Ubuntu to FreeBSD and macOS.

  • It's compatible with EOTK: configuration, keys and certificates can be easily migrated from EOTK, and the onionspray command is compatible with the eotk script.