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Command List


Onionspray command line invocation obeys this syntax:

./onionspray [flags] <command> [project]


  • --local: ignore the presence of onionspray-workers.conf and operate upon local projects; used to administer projects running locally on a machine which might also be running onionbalance.
  • --remote: functionally the same as --local but denotes remote execution on a worker; used to inhibit recursion and loops amongst worker machines, of A calls B calls A calls B...
  • --no-daemonize: do not fork the main Onionspray process into the background. Note that, even if you decide to manually stop this process later on, both the tor and web proxy daemons will still be running in the background, but can be stopped by unning the stop action.


  • onionspray config [filename] # default onions.conf
    • synonyms: conf, configure
    • parses the config file and sets up and populates the projects
  • onionspray maps projectname ... # or: -a for all
    • prints which onions correspond to which dns domains
    • for softmap, this list may not show until after ob-config and ob-start
  • onionspray harvest projectname ... # or: -a for all
    • synonyms: onions
    • prints list of onions used by projects

Onion Generation

  • onionspray genkey
    • synonyms: gen
    • generate an onion key and stash it in secrets

Project Status & Debugging

  • onionspray status projectname ... # or: -a for all
    • active per-project status
  • onionspray ps
    • do a basic grep for possibly-orphaned processes
  • onionspray debugon projectname ... # or: -a for all
    • enable verbose tor logs
  • onionspray debugoff projectname ... # or: -a for all
    • disable verbose tor logs
  • onionspray health-local
    • synonyms: healthcheck-local
    • local healthcheck, useful for containerized execution (only local instances are checked); may give false negatives if Onionspray wasn't stopped correctly and has dangling pidfiles, which can be fixed by the clean action being run before a start

Starting & Stopping Projects

  • onionspray start projectname ... # or: -a for all
    • start projects
  • onionspray stop projectname ... # or: -a for all
    • stop projects
  • onionspray restart projectname ... # or: -a for all
    • synonyms: bounce, reload
    • stop, and restart, projects
  • onionspray nxreload projectname ... # or: -a for all
    • politely ask NGINX to reload its config files

Starting & Stopping Onionbalance

  • onionspray ob-start projectname ... # or: -a for all, if applicable
    • synonyms:
  • onionspray ob-restart projectname ... # or: -a for all, if applicable
    • synonyms: ob-bounce, ob-reload
  • onionspray ob-stop
    • synonyms:
  • onionspray ob-status
    • synonyms:

Configuring Remote Workers

  • onionspray-workers.conf
    • if not present, only localhost will be used
    • if present, contains one hostname per line, no comments
    • the label localhost is a hardcoded synonym for local activity
    • other (remote) systems are accessed via ssh, scp & rsync
  • onionspray ob-remote-nuke-and-push
    • synonyms:
  • onionspray ob-nxpush
    • synonyms:
  • onionspray ob-torpush
    • synonyms:
  • onionspray ob-spotpush
    • synonyms:

Backing-Up Remote Workers

  • onionspray mirror
    • synonyms:
  • onionspray backup
    • synonyms: