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Backing up Onionspray

This is a quick backup guide about what to backup in your Onionspray installation.

Onionspray is not difficult to backup, since it's just an Onion Services rewriting proxy. You basically need to save .onion keys, HTTPS certificates and configuration files.


Combining manual with automated backups

When backing up Onionspray, you can combine:

  1. A manual backup whenever you add/update projects, sites, keys and certificates.
  2. A periodic and automatic backup.

Encrypted backups

We recomend that you do encrypted backups, and that you also backup the passphrases/keys to unlock this backup.

The simpler backup approach

  • If unsure, backup the your whole Onionspray installation, in every server it's installed .

A more complete approach

If you want to really pick only what's really needed to rebuild you setup, focus in backing up only the following:

  • All your remote softmap workers/mirrors:
  • These will reside in the mirrors/ folder after you use the onionspray mirror and onionspray backup commands.

  • All your .onion addresses keys and configurations, consisting in:

  • The projects/ folder (and especially each ssl folder from every project, like projects/<project-name>/ssl).
  • The secrets folder.
  • All .conf and .tconf files.


Test your backups!

Please make sure to test your backups and have a restoration procedure ready and tested.

The restoration procedure depends on how you do your backups and is currently beyond the scope of this guide, but we would be glad in receiving a merge request improving this documentation.